We have developed this tool to help you evaluate and identify the most CO2 friendly optical lighting solution, without conducting a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment analysis.

We hope you will find the tool beneficial. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

All data in the calculator comes from a validated third-party source www.ecoinvent.org

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Power rating W
CO2-emission per unit Kg CO2
CO2-emission for all units Tonne CO2
Optimised energy efficiency
Energy efficiency lm/W
Power rating W
Improvement %
CO2 reduction per unit
CO2 emission after optimisation Kg CO2
Total CO2 reduction after optimisation Kg CO2
Total CO2 reduction all units
CO2 emission after optimisation Tonne CO2
Total CO2 reduction after optimisation Tonne CO2
Result per unit
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In the CO2 Calculation Tool for Materials, you can compare and evaluate two types of material and identify the right choice from a sustainability point of view.

Material input
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Number of units
Thickness, mm
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Volume of one unit, cm3
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Weight per unit, kg
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CO2 emission from materials
CO2 emission per kilo of material
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Kilo CO2 emission for all units